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LVL 014: debt.

Beautiful.  The tragedy of debt, and how it keeps everyone grounded.

Tony Baker Studio


LVL 08: Dawkins on Hitchens.

I was truly sad when Christopher Hitchens died last year.  As time went on and I perused more of his videos and listened to more of his opinions, I have started to appreciate his perspective even more than I imagined I would.   This is a fantastic tribute by another visionary Richard Dawkins about “Hitch”.


For those of you who are not familiar with Christopher Hitchens, here is a clip which summarizes his greatness:

LVL 01: “The Seed”

Welcome to my new adventure.   This site is a simulation of my ideal world, filtered from the relentless crud of the real world, and purified into content which is custom designed for the mind of SYED. 

I used to run the IEDEI blog which focused on Automobiles, until I went through some f*cked up sh*t and realised that I had much more in me than merely discussing the mechanical and motion adventures of humanity.  LWR LVL is attempt to combine the rash underpinnings of my mind with the creative beauty of others’ minds.  I hope you are one of those creative minds…

I am tired of the cliches.  I am tired of the clones.  I am tired of fads.  I am tired of repetition.  I am tired of ‘the same’.  I am tired of the boring.  I am tired of the popular.  I am tired of agreeing.  I am tired of disagreeing.  I am tired of the ugly.  I am tired of the empty.  I am tired of being tired.

Here’s a wonderful video produced by Johnny Kelly entitled “The Seed”.  It makes me feel better.