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LVL 015: Full Fathom Five.

by Jackson Pollock.


LVL 05: Art of Barnett Newman

I’ve never been so blown away by paintings as I have been in seeing Barnett Newman’s paintings.  One could easily dismiss these as too simple, too non-artistic, too ‘modern’, or any other lazy tag of insult.  However standing in front of one is to absorb energy and feel a sensation of freedom.  Barnett Newman’s artwork makes me feel like I want to let go instead of hang on.  That feeling in itself is completely unique and remarkably absorbing.

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LVL 03: Products of a Sad Saturday.

Saturdays must be the worst days to have a ‘bad day’.  There are no distractions of mundane everyday life, and there is no hope to get distracted on the following day (Sunday).  Additionally, it seems that the whole world is trying to enjoy themselves, while the ones who are under are just trying to make it through the day—to live another day and maintain a sense of survival.


Porsche Prison:

There’s nothing quite as relaxing as standing on the side of a freeway at night, watching the cars go by like hyperactive motorized stars, and then staring up to see the real stars relaxing and burning out:


LVL 01: “The Seed”

Welcome to my new adventure.   This site is a simulation of my ideal world, filtered from the relentless crud of the real world, and purified into content which is custom designed for the mind of SYED. 

I used to run the IEDEI blog which focused on Automobiles, until I went through some f*cked up sh*t and realised that I had much more in me than merely discussing the mechanical and motion adventures of humanity.  LWR LVL is attempt to combine the rash underpinnings of my mind with the creative beauty of others’ minds.  I hope you are one of those creative minds…

I am tired of the cliches.  I am tired of the clones.  I am tired of fads.  I am tired of repetition.  I am tired of ‘the same’.  I am tired of the boring.  I am tired of the popular.  I am tired of agreeing.  I am tired of disagreeing.  I am tired of the ugly.  I am tired of the empty.  I am tired of being tired.

Here’s a wonderful video produced by Johnny Kelly entitled “The Seed”.  It makes me feel better.