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LVL 015: Full Fathom Five.

by Jackson Pollock.


LVL 012: “Stop The Violence” & the art of bones.

“Francois Robert was at an auction in rural Michigan. It was the mid 1990s. A school was selling off supplies, and Robert was looking to buy some furniture for his studio. “I was interested in buying some lockers, and they had three for $50.” Two of the lockers were empty, but not the third. When Robert opened it up, he found a human skeleton.

“Since then, Robert has spent hundreds of hours working with those bones, arranging them painstakingly into striking, iconic shapes, each five or six feet wide, and photographing them with a 4×5 Hasselblad rigged to a boom to provide a bird’s eye view. He calls the resulting images “Stop the Violence.” Each shot takes a full day to set up. “I was on my knees for all of 2008,” Robert remembers”
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LVL 05: Art of Barnett Newman

I’ve never been so blown away by paintings as I have been in seeing Barnett Newman’s paintings.  One could easily dismiss these as too simple, too non-artistic, too ‘modern’, or any other lazy tag of insult.  However standing in front of one is to absorb energy and feel a sensation of freedom.  Barnett Newman’s artwork makes me feel like I want to let go instead of hang on.  That feeling in itself is completely unique and remarkably absorbing.

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