I am one person in a world of billions.  You are one of those billions.  To you, I am one of those billions.  Talk to me, sing to me, draw for me, write for me, write to me, right to me.

My name is Syed.  I am based in Brooklyn, NYC and am attempting to come to grips with my world.  In the past I have made music , written about automobiles, and have attempted to live a fulfilling life and have not succeeded.

This is my attempt to pass along what fascinates me, what interests me, what excites me, and what moves me.  Sure you will find millions of websites and blogs attempting to do the same; however we are all unique and this page will be uniquely mine.

In the current state of ‘intellectual saturation’, where everybody believes they are a mindful superstar; a concept which is simply not true.  In my years I have met mundane people, boring people, exciting people, good people, bad people, delusional people, modest people, smart people, dumb people, and best of all people who cannot be judged and who live by a standard which is solely their own.



    • Syed

      hi tarun. Control in terms of being in command of actions, feelings, and motions. lost in terms of an inability to do. the title comes from the name of the song by the legendary band Joy Division and the soundtrack to this short clip, a song entitled “She’s Lost Control”. best wishes–Syed

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